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Infinity Symbol Ring

Infinity Symbol Ring

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The meaning of the infinity symbol varies. The more popular thinking is a powerful intertwined never ending love. That is what makes it perfect for promise rings, engagement rings and even wedding rings. On the other hand the infinity sign can stand for balance and harmony of one self. No matter what meaning you derive from it, you can rest assured that you are buying a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be worn for many years.

Did you know that you can type an infinity sign on your keyboard by holding down the ALT button and typing 236. Try it!

Because this ring is made from stainless steel, it will NEVER tarnish and is great for people with skin sensitivities to other metals (won't turn your finger green). Each ring is polished to a mirror finish and packed in a jewelry box.

Available in sizes 4 through 9 (whole and half sizes)

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