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Celtic Cross Medallion - As Seen on The Vampire Diaries

Celtic Cross Medallion - As Seen on The Vampire Diaries

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Necklace chain

The 1 inch diameter stainless steel pendant features an embossed Celtic Cross. On the back, is the the same Celtic design but without the colored center making this necklace very versatile! The light blue center color is not a stone, it is made from a modeling material that is hand molded into each pendant. The 1/4" thick pendant comes on a 2mm black leather necklace cord with stainless steel clasps. Choose from 16 - 24 Inch lengths.

Stainless steel jewelry is rust-resistant and durable. Unlike silver, it will never tarnish is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents.

I designed this pendant and gifted to The Vampire Diaries wardrobe stylist, for consideration for use on the show and wow, they chose it! It can be seen on seen on Galen Vaughn, the ruggedly handsome Vampire Hunter played by Charlie Bewley on season 4! The actual necklace he wore was exclusively designed and handcrafted by myself. This is not an imitation and is protected by copyright.

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