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Mens Braided Celtic Sailors Knot Band Ring

Mens Braided Celtic Sailors Knot Band Ring

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This stainless steel, silver color braid ring for men is not only handsome, it carries a lot of meaning. The more popular thinking is a powerful interwoven never ending love. That is what makes it perfect for gifts and even wedding rings.  No matter what meaning you derive from it, you can rest assured that you are buying a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be worn for many years. Since this ring is made from stainless steel, it will NEVER tarnish and is great for people with skin sensitivities to other metals (won't turn your finger green). The band is 8mm wide and 1.5mm deep. Each ring is polished to a mirror finish and ship in a jewelry box.

The thinner version of this ring shown in the lifestyle photo is also available in our store.

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