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Adjustable Criss Cross Celtic Knot Ring

Adjustable Criss Cross Celtic Knot Ring

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Unisex style, Celtic design, adjustable and stainless steel.  Need I say more? 

The striking crisscross design in the front made possible with the carefully thought out Celtic love knot pattern.  Measuring 12mm wide and 1mm thick, this ring is the perfect blend of thickness and sleekness – great for both men and women. Plus, it won't fade, corrode, or otherwise lose its luster over time because it's made of super tough stainless steel. And get this – it's waterproof, so you can wear it adventuring, come rain or shine, with no worries whatsoever. But wait, it gets better! This bad boy is adjustable between sizes 8 and 11, and if you have more petite digits, a smaller version is coming soon. Plus, the ends are rounded off for a comfy fit, so no squeezing or pinching, just Celtic-style comfort. If you're ready for some unique flare in your jewelry game, get this Adjustable Stainless Steel Celtic Knot Ring – you won't be sorry


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