Stainless steel jewelry throughout history

Stainless steel jewelry throughout history

Did you know that stainless steel has only been around for a little over a hundred years? 

Steel in different forms has been found in archeological digs dating as far back as 1300BC but stainless steel wasn’t invented until 1913. It was developed by Harry Brearley, a British metallurgist. His discovery revolutionized many industries, including the production of cutlery, medical equipment, and, of course, jewelry. 

The evolution of stainless steel jewelry

Art Deco Dangle Earrings Triangle Shape

1920 - 1939

Stainless steel jewelry was used to create geometric designs that reflected the Art Deco movement. Stainless steel was often combined with other materials like enamel and chrome to create bold pieces.



Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag Necklace Air Force

1939- 1949

During World War II, stainless steel was used extensively in military equipment and weaponry. Soldiers began to wear personalized dog tags made of stainless steel, which eventually led to the development of military-inspired jewelry for civilians.

Stainless Steel Watch Roman Numeral Display

1950 - 1969

Stainless steel jewelry became more widely available to the as manufacturers began to experiment with new techniques for creating intricate designs. Popular styles included cuff links, tie bars, and watches.



Stainless Steel Jewelry Punk Inspiration Heavy Metal Layered Necklaces

1970 - 1989

stainless steel jewelry became associated with punk and heavy metal subcultures. Designers used the material to create bold, oversized pieces with spikes, chains, and other industrial motifs.


3D Intricate Celtic Knot Bangle Bracelet


Advances in machinery and 3D metal printing technologies allow for designers to create more diverse and intricate shapes than ever thought possible making stainless steel jewelry more popular than ever. 

From minimalist pieces to bold statement jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a good piece of stainless steel jewelry.  It will last a lifetime, will never tarnish, is waterproof and a fraction of the price of silver.  

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