Our Necklace was on The Vampire Diaries!!!

Our Necklace was on The Vampire Diaries!!!

Holy cow!  Loralyn Designs Stainless Steel Celtic Cross Necklace was worn by Vampire Hunter Galen Vaughn, played by Charlie Bewley, on The Vampire Diaries TV show. When I got the call, I was in the hallway of my day job (corporate office) trying to stay composed, shaking, in so much shock but so unbelievably happy ad proud at the same time.

Vampire Diaries Necklace Mens Celtic Cross

It was a great accessory for this handsome Scottish vampire hunter.  Galen was dressed ready for battle in his worn jeans, gray long sleeve shirt, black vest and armed with fantastic vampire weapons.  To our amazement, Galen ended up being a recurring character appearing in three episodes during season 4 and again in the season finale....wearing the necklace!

This incredible opportunity was provided to us by The Artisan Group®, an exclusive group of artisans from all around the world who challenge support and inspire me every day. 

We have submitted a couple more designs, stay tuned to see if more pieces are chosen to be worn on the show!

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