How to Accessorize Your Fall Fashion

How to Accessorize Your Fall Fashion

Fall / Autumn Style Cute and Comfortable

Cute Outfit and Jewelry for Fall

The night air is crisp and the leaves are starting to turn here in New England.  I love this time of year, smelling apple pie baking in the oven, carving pumpkins and the sound the leaves make under your feet when you walk.  Not to mention that you get to take all of your cold weather clothes out of storage and create fun new outfits.  What makes a great fall outfit?  The accessories, of course! 

Take that green sundress you wore with flip flops during the summer.  Add a leather jacket, scarf, tights and boots....voila... a fun, warm fall outfit.  Now we can't forget about the jewelry.  For this outfit a simple pair of steel and black earrings are perfect!  


Jumping into Fall Fashion

If you love this season as much as I do, you may keep your outfit simple and let your jewelry do the talking.  You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt, a blazer and jeans.  Try accessorizing with a fall themed necklace like this gunmetal multicolor fall leaf.  Tip:  When wearing multicolored jewelry, try to keep your clothing to solid colors to really make it stand out.  This necklace would look fantastic with a pair of black leggings and a simple teal long sleeved v-neck sweater too.  Ooops, my mind is wandering, love thinking up new outfits :)


Fall Comfy Corporate Work Outfit for Women

Lets try one more.  How about work fashion for fall?  I have to admit, I have a love for blazers.  Don't think all blazers are black and grey.  Look for a colorful blazer that you can throw on over a simple black skirt and white top.  Polished, stylish and comfy!   Your necklace can be mostly anything that fits your mood for the day.  It can be a scarf wrap, a chunky bold color, waterfall metal necklace or a simple pendant.  Flats, heels, boots, it is up to you!   I like to coordinate with a bracelet like the one shown in gunmetal and teal or you could simply pop with a statement ring.

What is your fall style or go to accessory?

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